40% of American homebuyers and homeowners say

owning a home is the most stressful event in their lives and 80% lacked confidence in their ability to navigate the home buying process.

FinHous helps you find your happy place.

What does FinHous do?

FinHous simplifies the homebuying and home owning experience by providing pre-set task lists, maintenance reminders and vetted home professionals to obtain competitive bids on services or projects for their home.


FinHous also drives repeat and referral business for realtors, lenders and service/home professionals using predictive analytics.

Who is FinHous for?

How does FinHous work?

Finhous is a centralized platform for homebuyers, homeowners and home professionals. Our ecosystem provides pre-set task lists, centralized communication and the ability to get prices/quotes from local service and home professionals vetted through a trusted network.


Why join FinHous?

Homebuyers and homeowners

FinHous reduces the stress of buying and owning a home while saving money.



Homeowners and buyers can relieve the stress of owning a home by using the pre-set task lists and reminders to help them through the process. Homebuyers can save an average of $20,000 on their purchase by shopping services and homeowners can save $5,000 annually by using FinHous.

Home Professionals

FinHous helps realtors, lenders and home professionals grow their business and stay organized. 

FinHous helps home professionals grow their business opportunities by at least 15% when networking with various home professionals in the FinHous platform and increase closure rate by 4x.





The latest real estate application aimed at improving the home owning journey and driving referral business for agents, lenders and other service providers.

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