According to NAR


About 91% of all realtors never contact the buyer or seller of a home after closing. Realtors who use advanced technology tools are more likely to earn $100,000+ in gross commission income than agents who don’t.


Millennials and Gen Z have represented the largest growing sector of the home buying market for the past five years in a row with the 2020 share at over 50% combined. Statistics show that these buyers want a digital home buying experience guided by a professional realtor.

What does FinHous do for Realtors?

FinHous makes it easy for you to stay top of mind with your current and past clients. It helps you provide more value to your buyers before, during and after closing.


your business by staying engaged with previous clients


with your clients and favorite home vendors


yourself time and your clients money by sharing educational tips, preferred vendors and automated tasks integrated within FinHous

How does FinHous work for Realtors?

  • Predictive analytics to drive more business.

  • FinHous connects you with your past, current and new clients, as well as your trusted home vendors.

  • Tasks and reminders are automatically sent to your clients on your behalf to keep the home-buying process moving forward.

  • Educational tips and resources help your clients better understand the homebuying process and what to expect.

Why join FinHous?

First of all, it’s FREE! At FinHous, we make it easy for you and your clients to achieve a smoother transaction. By using FinHous,  your are 10x more likely to stay engaged with your clients before, during and after closing. In addition, we’ll help you grow your network and increase your gross commissions by at least 25%.


Try FinHous for Free today.




By using Finhous’ networking tools, realtors will be able to increase their lead generation by 20%.

By using FinHous, you will tap in to one third of the buying market.



The latest real estate application aimed at improving the home owning journey and driving referral business for agents, lenders and other service providers.

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